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TIP: Keep tamales frozen until ready to cook!

Manuel's Frozen Raw Tamales

Ready to cook and serve!

  • Remove tamales from plastic bag.
  • Place Manuel’s Tamales in an electric steamer or double boiler.
  • Add water according to electric steamer instructions. It usually takes 40-45 minutes to cook 1 dozen tamales. Add more time if the masa, (the outer layer of corn dough) is still raw.
  • If using double boiler, place Manuel’s Tamales in a circular pattern with the folded part of the corn husk facing outward. Pour water over the tamales (You want to get them wet!) to just below the bottom of the tamales. Cover pot.
  • Bring to a rolling boil, then lower heat enough to continue to create steam.
  • Check 1 tamale after 45 minutes. Continue cooking if the masa ( the outer layer of corn dough) is still raw. Repeat this step every 15 minutes until tamales are cooked.


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